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The Theory

Film - Address is Approximate

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Film - Speed of Light

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The Theory is the pseudonym for British writer / director duo Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp.

Tom and Simon met in 2000 and for the next few years travelled the world directing and filming a wide range of projects, collecting techniques, and various ideas.

In 2009 they came back to London to become The Theory, their ideology to create startlingly innovative, original yet emotive films.

Since forming, The Theory have had a major impact, picking up a host of awards and a legion of fans along the way – most notably for their viral smash hit short, Address is Approximate. The film scooped two New York Festival Awards and the Jury award for Best Animation at the 2012 Webby’s. It has generated over 3.5 million online views and boasts Google’s Larry Page and actor Kevin Spacey among its many admirers.


  • 2013Speed of Light - Webby Award - Branded Entertainment Short Form - Nomination
  • 2013Address is Aproximate - OneScreen Award - Best Animation
  • 2012Address is Aproximate - Webby Award - Animation
  • 2012Address is Aproximate - Vimeo Awards - Animation
  • 2012Address is Aproximate - Rushes Soho Shorts Festival - Animation